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Important information

When a bandage is delivered for fitting, it is always extra long. The finished length of the bandage will be marked during fitting which is also when we mark the hole for the ostomy bag.

Mark the CENTER of the ostomy with a dot on the bandage, remember to send us the type of ostomy bag used. If you have chosen a 2-part bandage, also include the plate. Ostomy bag and plate will be retured together with your bandage. If you have corrrections to the bandage, they must be done prior to marking of the hole for the ostomy.

When the bandage is finished and ready in the desired length and the hole for the ostomy has been made, we consider the bandage as approved by the user. Corrections of the ostomy hole can be made within the first month free of charge.

Note If swelling and bluish spots occur on your skin or you experience wounds or pain when using the bandage, immediately remove the bandage and contact your doctor or the ostomy lab.