Aesthetic surgery

Compression – for the optimal healing

After aestetic surgery, where the patient may experience swelling of the muscle tissue because of tissue fluids and blood, it is important to use a compression bandage in the correct compression class to prevent swelling and accelerate the healing process and thus obtain the best possible result.

Use of compression bandages after plastic surgery is particularly effective, as correct use of a breathable, properly manufactured compression bandage can reduce the tension in the tissue. Wounds/scars will be constantly compressed and thus remain flat and the skin will appear smooth and even. In addition, correct use of compression bandages will almost always prevent infections caused by hematoma.

General terms

Against a 15 % administration fee, standard compression bandages can be retured within 2 weeks to the extent that the bandage has not been used on in any other way damaged. Postage/freight costs are not credited. Tailor-made compression bandages cannot be retured.
Please refer to your invoice for terms of payment.

Orders for standard bandages placed before noon (12.00) will be shipped same day! Delivery: DAP (Delivery At Place).

Eto manufactures more and more tailored standard bandages. For an additional 20 % fee, the time of delivery for tailored bandages is 1-2 days.