At Eto Garments, we develop and manufacture bandages of the highest quality, we offer standard products as well as tailored solutions. This requires experience, knowledge and skills.

In-debth knowledge in several fields

A pivotal point is to know precisely and thoroughly what triggered the need for a bandage – as well as the desired effect of the bandage. What type of ‘job’ is the bandage meant to do?

In depth knowledge about the materials that are used to manufacture the bandage is also required – including elasticity, durability, washability etc. – but also knowledge about harmful dyes and chemicals that are NOT allowed in the fabric (we use fabrics, which are Öko-tex labelled and specially made for our use.

Knowledge about body types and different cuts and styles that provide the best fit and comfort is also required.

Details in the actual manufacturing

It is often the little things during manufacturing that ensure quality and the best possible comfort. On our bandages, you will, for example find that:

  • all seams are placed on the outside to avoid unnecessary pressure
  • zippers and hooks/clasps have protective underlay
  • the most exposed seams have a back band

Our quality is no coincidence – and we constantly develop to make our great products even better!