Stoma & hernia

Increased quality of life

Well-being and comfort. A feeling of safety and knowing that you portray yourself in a way, where your surroundings focus on you as an individual.

Wearing a support bandage from ETO Garments, the everyday life of stoma or hernia patients can be improved and normalized. We offer tailored quality products with carefully thought out details all the way through – developed on the basis of in-depth knowledge about our users’ needs and wishes.

Pivotal for the quality:
Our support bandages are manufactured on the basis of the user’s individual measurements. 

Your own measurements shape your bandage. Your bandage will be adjusted an tailored to your exact measurements based on the measurement diagram below. This ensures the maximum functionality and the best fit. Measurement is quite easy and simple and using the best materials in manufacturing, we create a compression bandage with the optimal comfort.

Several models for your personal choice

  • At ETO Garments, we let our customers make a personal choice. We have many models, such as:
  • Trousers or briefs
  • Briefs with lace support
  • Bodystocking
  • Men’s vests/suits
  • Hernia belts
  • Support bandage for effective support of perineal hernia
  • Light elastic sports/intimate series that covers the stoma bag

Since the beginning in 1990, Eto Garments has grown to be among the market’s leading manufacturers of support bandages/medical garments. Unbending quality and fast delivery are pivotal points for the family-owned company.